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  bullet imageGenerate payroll on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis
  bullet image Remittance of all payroll taxes
  bullet image Filing of IRS and State payroll returns
  bullet image Completion and mailing of W-2's
  bullet image Handle issues with the IRS, local Departments of Employment and Training offices and local State Department of Taxes

Coordination of Employee Benefits

  bullet image Assist in choosing the right retirement plan
  bullet image Assist in implementation of the retirement program
  bullet image Assist in choosing the right health insurance plan
  bullet image Assist in implementation of health insurance plans
  bullet image Assist in implementation of Section 125 (allows pre-tax dollars to pay for some benefits)
  bullet image Offer additional employee deductions such as Section 529 (college tuition deductions from paychecks)
  bullet image Child support payments

Employee Handbooks

  bullet image Compile employee handbook and policy manuals that meet the needs of the employer
  bullet image Maintain handbook and policy manuals in compliance with both federal and state regulations

Hiring Assistance and New Employee Indoctrination

  bullet image Batchelder Associates PC will assist with hiring procedures, and screening of potential new employees.
  bullet imageOnce the new employee(s) have been chosen we will conduct new employee orientation to complete employment, payroll, and other benefits forms

Current Labor Laws

  bullet image Batchelder Associates, PC is always current on labor laws at the federal and State levels.
  bullet image Batchelder Associates, PC will ensure labor law compliance
  bullet image Batchelder Associates, PC is here to answer any questions regarding the labor laws on behalf of the employer


Form W-4 (2013)
Form W-9
I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
The U. S. Social Security Administration