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Municipal Finance Administration

Batchelder Associates, PC understands the state's role in supervision and assistance, and helps municipalities with property tax administration and assessment administration, municipal budgeting, budget execution, municipal purchasing, treasury management, and flexible chart of accounts.

Municipal Budget Process

Batchelder Associates, PC look at the full budget cycle, with special emphasis on the budget's role as a tool for effective municipal management. Legal requirements concerning the adoption and execution of the official budget are examined, with particular attention to the roles of various municipal officials and the administrative techniques involved. Preparation of departmental budget requests, budget review and cuts, revenues and appropriations, and new budget techniques are part of what Batchelder Associates, PC offer along with attention to the flexible chart of accounts.

Municipal Current Fund Accounting

Batchelder Associates, PC applies the principles and theories of accounting for the complete municipal accounting cycle.

Municipal Capital and Trust Fund Accounting

Principles of assessment, trust fund accounting, general capital fund accounting, and theory of capital budgeting are used by Batchelder Associates to ensure accuracy in your accounting.

Preparation of Annual Financial Statement

Batchelder Associates will complete the annual financial statement with attention paid to filing deadlines, statutory requirements, the role of the finance officer, and other pertinent issues.

Municipal Utility Fund Accounting

Batchelder Associates work includes the purpose and scope of utility funds, the utility operating fund, theory of capital budgeting, the utility capital fund, and the utility assessment fund.