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CPA Services

  bullet image Audits, Reviewed and Compiled Financial Statements
  bullet image Forensic Auditing and Investigation
  bullet image Potential Business Purchase and Sale Analysis
  bullet image Financing Packages
  bullet image Financial System Analysis and Reviews (Internal Controls)

Establish Federal and State Applications for New Organizations
Non-Profit Exempt Applications required by IRS
Prepare Company Finance Procedures and Structure Documents

Corporate and Individual Taxes


  bullet image Form 1120 (Corporate),1120S(S Corporation),and 1065(Partnership) preparation
  bullet image Form 990(Non-profit Organizations) preparation
Electronic Filing


  bullet image Form 1040 (Individual) preparation
  bullet image Schedule C Preparation (Self Employed)- Electronic Filing

Bookkeeping Services - Save Money. Save Time. Have Peace of Mind!


Batchelder Associates, PC offers a complete system of bookkeeping for your business. We will process your invoices, track time and billing for invoicing, process payroll, reconcile bank accounts and prepare regular financial statements.

This service allows you to have a entire CPA firm taking care of your finances while you concentrate on your business. Our services include but are not limited to:

  bullet image Paying Vendor Invoices
  bullet image Fielding Vendor calls
  bullet image Tracking Time and Billing
  bullet image Processing Client Invoices
  bullet image Processing Employee Payroll
  bullet image Cash Management
  bullet image Budget Preparation
  bullet image Regular Financial Statements

Offer and Compromise

For potential and existing clients who are in dispute or unable to pay back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, Batchelder Associates, PC will aid in the submission of IRS sanctioned “Offer and Compromise” paperwork. Batchelder Associates, PC will interview and prepare all necessary documents required by the Internal Revenue Service and appropriate State for submission of Offer and Compromise Issues. Retainer fees will be required at time of service.

Software Assistance

Batchelder Associates PC has extensive experience in various software packages. We will provide an analysis of the existing accounting system and make recommendations for the appropriate software.
  bullet image Installation
  bullet image Training - Continued support of accounting and business software
  bullet image Significant experience with, but not limited to:
  i. Quickbooks
  ii. NEMRC
  iii. Passport


IRS SS-4 Application