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CFO Services

Batchelder Associates, PC is a provider of outsourced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services to companies undergoing rapid and significant change or just establishing a business. We will Work on an interim, part-time, or project basis, Batchelder Associates, PC provides companies with the opportunity to work with senior finance executives for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.


Batchelder Associates, PC offers companies cost-effective SOLUTIONS while providing stability in an ever changing businesses climate and demand. We offer significant accounting and operational experience in financing transactions, and strategic planning that provides skilled, flexible, and commercially-minded business advice. The burdensome cost of paying a full-time Chief Financial Officer and accounting staff is a significant barrier. Let Batchelder Associates, PC eliminate the burden of these costs and benefits and provide you with a cost-effective SOLUTION.


Batchelder Associates, PC controllers oversee all accounting operations and activities of the companies we work with. They are experienced working with companies in multiple industries and understand how to help any fledging company transform into a profitable enterprise. Some of the duties of a controller include ensuring compliance with government regulations, analyzing financial metrics, project management, timely business decisions, and preparation of financial statements.

Just because small businesses don’t have the means to hire a full-time CFO, doesn’t mean they don’t need someone to oversee their finances. In fact, small businesses require focused financial management more than any other type of business. With a dedicated controller from Batchelder Associates, PC, you will ensure that your small business not only survives, but thrives in today’s economy.


Accounting Supervisor

When you choose to work with Batchelder Associates, PC, you will be assigned a dedicated accounting supervisor, who manages a team of accountants and bookkeepers. They will ensure that the entire accounting process is handled accurately, quickly, and professionally. Your accounting supervisor will manage your treasury and payroll, process and review all transactions, create business models, and review budget trends. They will work with their staff and yours to ensure a streamlined accounting experience.

All of our accounting supervisors have received extensive training in the accounting field, working with companies of all sizes. They understand how to complete the job, while still giving your business the most for your money. When you have a Batchelder Associates, PC accounting supervisor working with you, you can rest assured that the finances of your business will be in good hands.


Staff Accountant

At Batchelder Associates, PC, we employ a team of certified accountants who not only know what they are doing, but also really care about the success of the companies they work with. Our accountants process transactions, assist with audits, perform account analysis, find ways for you to save money, and take care of many more of your company’s financial needs. They are trained to communicate with several parties including your staff, Batchelder Associates, PC supervisors and controllers, customers, lenders, and suppliers. We help small businesses survive in today’s economy by making sound financial decisions.


You can hire a skilled team of accountants from Batchelder Associates, PC on an interim, part-time, or project basis. Until your business grows to the point of needing a team of full-time accountants, our staff is here to help you with the most beneficial financial services you can find anywhere.

Batchelder Associates services include:

  bullet image Operational accounting (daily bookkeeping and accounting)
  bullet image Financial reporting
  bullet image Funding assistance
  bullet image Audit preparation
  bullet image Transaction services
  bullet image Merger & acquisitions
  bullet image Post acquisition services
  bullet image Valuation advising
  bullet image Inventory management
  bullet image Restructuring & turnaround
  bullet image Fraud analysis & recovery
  bullet image Financial restatement
  bullet image Litigation support
  bullet image Internal controls testing/review
  bullet image Employee education & training


In today’s over hyped business environment it is rare to find a firm that exceeds your expectations. Batchelder Associates is that exception. We moved our accounting, tax preparation and payroll requirements to Batchelder in April of 2012 eliminating the need to use two different entities to accomplish these functions. Not only does Batchelder provide a turnkey solution but we also substantially reduced these admin expenses. They are responsive and user friendly and I highly recommend that you consider using their services.”

Chuck Siegel,REPRO
President & Owner